Unlimited Colour With A Limited Palette

Nov 22, 2020 | 2 comments

My website is the diary of my journey as I aspire to become an artist. I am fairly confident now with pastels, so I’ve begun to learn how to paint with oils. I have really been struggling with mixing the colour I need to reflect various qualities of light, and convey the mood and time of day I am trying to create in a landscape. I have been frustrated to the point of tears…

In my quest for a solution I recently discovered the award winning artist John Pototschnik, who has created the most incredible system to teach people just like me, all about colour. John has forty years experience as both a professional artist and teacher, and his system, John Pototschnik: Unlimited Color With a Limited Palette has already lifted the veil from my eyes.

The link above will take you to where you can buy John’s DVD and book, and I’ve embedded a sample from the DVD on YouTube below… I say sample… it’s over two hours long!

I also highly recommend a visit to John’s website, John Pototschnik – Fine Art, which is jam packed with so much useful information, it’s a library for artists in inself. You will also be able to admire and purchase some of John’s wonderful landscapes.  Oh… and don’t forget to visit YouTube where John has created several very helpful tutorials.


John Pototschnik – Create Unlimited Color with a Limited Palette

John Pototschnik – Limited Palette

With just three primary colours and white, John teaches you how to create colour harmony in your paintings. Although the book focuses on oils, the colour concepts are transferable to other mediums, E.g. watercolour, pastel, etc.

John Potoschnik – Unlimited Color

John illustrates harmonious colour combinations to help you create different moods and light effects in your paintings. This information packed book and accompanying DVD are exactly what I was looking for! I’m so pleased I discovered John…

In Conclusion

I’m sure John’s system will help you understand colour better too. John makes everything so easy to understand.

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  1. john pototschnik

    Kay, I just love it when I read what I have taught about painting, and color has had such a positive impact. That’s why I wrote the book and created the videos…to see the light blub come on. Congratulations for encouraging others and for supporting my work.

    • Kay

      Thank you John. I am learning so much from you and thank you for being so generous and sharing your knowledge and experience with everyone.


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