Secondary Colour Oil Study – Orange, Violet And Green

Nov 21, 2020 | 0 comments

A simple oil study using only secondary colours of orange, violet and green. I am studying online with the Virtual Art Academy and this is my latest assignment.

I decided to make things a bit easy on myself and went around the house looking for objects with those colours. I found a purple towel which I used for the backdrop, an old copper kettle and a faux lavender plant.

It’s okay, but I got a bit bored with it and frustrated in the end so decided to call it a day and move on with something else. I am learning to paint with oils after all and I’m not going to get all precious and beat myself up because this isn’t the most realistic copy of the photograph; especially as my preference is to paint in a more impressionistic style. I do admire the skill though, or people who can paint in a photo realistic way…

Perhaps I should have tried to paint this in an impressionistic way and given myself less angst, but then I think I need the discipline!


Photograph and Secondary Oil Study


I didn’t fuss too much about setting this up. I was limited to objects in my home that are orange, violet and green. I think the photograph is adequate for this exercise.

Still Life Oil Study – 8 x 8 inches

My attempt at the oil study using just three secondary colours of orange, violet and green.

Notan – Photograph

Two value notan of the photograph.

Notan – Oil Study

The two value notan of my oil study. Not perfect, but it’s not too far out.

In Conclusion

An interesting exercise using a limited palette. Why not grab a cuppa and take five minutes to visit my Facebook page?

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