Lavender Field

Lavender Field

Medium: Pastel
Size: 12  x 9 inches

I am a member of the Monet Café Pastel Art Group on Facebook. For fun each month they hold a monthly competition. Occasionally, there are some great prizes to be won. One month we were all asked to interpret the same photograph of a lavender field, and the large image above is my final “improved” painting.

I can’t remember how many entries there were in total, but I was very disciplined and I didn’t look at any of the other entries until after I had posted my effort. I did not want to be influenced by the submissions from the other artists as I am still trying to find and develop my own style.

My original attempt is below on the left, with my “improved” version next to it on the right. I made a couple of changes. The first  was my rendering of the lavender field, which looked like an outing of giant purple caterpillars!  I also defined the tree trunks in the wood a bit more. Several of the other  group submissions are more impressionistic in style and are just beautiful!


Lavender Field Improvements


Please take a look at the work of Susan Jenkins who is the owner of the Monet Café Pastel Art Group on Facebook, and also visit Susan’s Monet Cafe You Tube Channel. Susan is a very generous and excellent pastel teacher. I have learnt a lot from watching Susan’s videos and her Facebook group, whose members are both friendly and very helpful.

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