Doodling Around – Falling Down The YouTube Rabbit Hole

Jul 28, 2019 | 2 comments

Two years ago I left my full time job to work part-time for a charity, in a determined effort to find some “me” time so I could finally learn how to paint, but “life and stuff” keeps on getting in the way.

Today is Sunday. As I got up this morning, I made the decision that I wasn’t going to allow anything today to prevent me getting on with my artistic learning and practice; so, I made myself a cup of tea and as it was very early, 5:00am and not quite light, I decided to steal a few minutes and re-watch a YouTube video about a pastel artist I really admire, Bob Richardson. Do take a look, because his work is fabulous…

In the video Bob states that in order to succeed as an artist you have to put the work in and be extremely disciplined. Despite being in his 80’s, Bob paints every day from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Yes, I thought… that’s what I need to do! Apply focused daily practice starting from today… then I promptly fell down the YouTube rabbit hole!

Not all was lost though, as down in the hole I came across Virtual Art Academy. I quickly realised this might just be exactly the structured discipline and format I badly need; and I’ve signed up for the three day trial for $1.00 or £0.84. So far, I am overwhelmed by the wealth of resources, and the class structure looks as though it’s going to suite me just fine. Watch this space…

There are some free resources on the Virtual Art Academy website that you may find interesting, such as A Guide To Painting Competitions and The Ultimate Guide To Pochade Boxes and Plein Air Easels, plus several more besides…

The guides should give you a flavour of what the Virtual Art Academy has to offer, and whilst exploring their website I also came across the following YouTube video, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Artists, which is well worth a watch if like me, “life and stuff” has been getting in your way too…

If the video does not play in this page Click Here to watch it on YouTube…


My only artistic experience to date is with pastels, which I do love, but I am looking forward to learning how to use other mediums, especially oils, and being part of an artistic community with the Virtual Art Academy.


  1. Cindy Nelson

    Kay, Finally gotten onto your site and read your post!!! I hope you are enjoying Virtual Art Academy!! I am a graduate of that 6 year course and loved everything… I am amazed of Barry’s work… I haven’t logged in for many months, but will look you up….
    I so understand how we all can go down the rabbit hole and get sucked into the U-tube or art related sites….

    OH PS your video doesn’t show in USA…..I did go and watch it on my tube.

    • Kay

      Hello Cindy, Thank you for your words of encouragement about Virtual Art Academy, and for taking the time to read my blog. Interesting the video did not play in the US. It’s a YouTube video embedded in the page. I will investigate this. Technology, don’t you just love it! I will add a direct link to the video on You Tube in case anyone else has difficulty. I really appreciate you taking the trouble to make me aware of this Cindy.


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